Stoplight Social Mixer

We're bringing back the Stoplight Social Mixer that was a big hit on Valentines Day - but now we're doing it at Boxcar, which is awesome, because now you can play games AND socialize. If you're unfamiliar with Boxcar, it is an awesome combination of Bar and Arcade. Featuring a TON of arcade games, skee ball machines, pinball machines and other fun throwback games. It also has throwback gaming themed decor.

Never been to a stoplight party before? It's super easy - and an event for everyone, singles and couples alike. If you're single, wear green. Don't own anything green? Don't worry, I will be distributing mardi gras beads to all singles in the room. If you're in a relationship that's you see as 'complicated' wear yellow. If you're off the market, wear red.

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